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A Special Kind of Bookmark: Ginkgo Biloba
A Special Kind of Bookmark: Ginkgo Biloba
2022-05-11 17:17:31

Ginkgo biloba leaf, a plant of the Ginkgo family. It has many uses, so let's take a look!


The amazing uses of Ginkgo biloba


Ginkgo biloba bookmark


✔️Ginkgo leaves can be made into tea 


There are many benefits of Ginkgo biloba leaves in water.


First of all, the flavonoids contained in ginkgo biloba can improve the circulation function of peripheral blood vessels and help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Secondly, ginkgo biloba leaves in water can also increase the permeability of blood vessels.


It has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids, and is a common health tea drink for cardiovascular patients.


✔️Ginkgo biloba can be used as medicine


Ginkgo biloba has a wide range of uses not only in traditional Chinese medicine, but also in Western medicine.


Many western medicine drugs need to extract the ingredients in Ginkgo biloba.


Ginkgo biloba itself is the most commonly used drug in clinical neurology to activate blood circulation and nourish brain tissue.


✔️Ginkgo biloba leaves can be made into beautiful bookmarks


The ginkgo leaves we picked up can be laminated inside the book for a period of time to set the shape.


After waiting for the moisture to be absorbed, the ginkgo leaves are dry to the touch, and then they can be taken out to make bookmarks.


You can coat both sides of the ginkgo leaf with glue and leave it for half a day.


Place the ginkgo leaves on a layer of hard plastic sheet or cardboard, which can also be glued to it.


Then we can draw various sketches on the cardboard and write a small poem on the ginkgo leaves. It is very easy and convenient to make.




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